White Percale Flat Sheet 60'' x 100'' (1)


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White Percale Flat Sheet 60'' x 100''

Product Details:

  • Plush Quality
  • Thread Count: 220¬†
  • 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester
  • Size: 60'' x 100''
  • Sold as a Single Unit
  • Available Colour: White

Linen Care and Maintenance:

1. Wash linens in warm water

2. Use extra rinse cycle to help remove any detergent residue

3. Avoid using bleach, as bleach breaks down fabric and can cause yellowing of linens

4. Avoid high temperature drying as it can weaken the fabric fibers and shorten the life of your linens

5. Use detergent without added bleach

6. Do not pour detergent directly onto linens, add to the water cycle

7. Use Myo-Ther N-Zyme and the Pure Pro Linen Degreaser to help decrease smells and stains