BREG Ankle Brace Lock


More Information

Breg Ankle Brace Lock 

Product Benefits: 

  • Start feeling better with this Breg ankle support so you can get back to doing what you love
  • This ankle brace provides superior support without the hassle of taping for a faster recovery 
  • The BREG ankle brace lock is made of nylon and Lycra for that perfect stretch so you can wear it comfortably 
  • Further support is provided by two no-stretch stirrups to give you a fast pain relief 
  • Ideal for basketball, volleyball, soccer or running so you can get back to your game!

Product Details:

  • Nylon/Lycra
  • Low profile
  • A thin, wraparound, breathable design that fits easily in any shoe
  • Fits right or left foot
  • Available in six sizes

Treatment / Prevention of the following Injuries: 

  • Ankle pain relief
  • Ankle ligament injuries
  • Chronic ankle instabilities
  • Suitable for mild to moderate inversion or eversion ankle injuries

How to Measure:

  • Use men’s or women’s shoe size to determine correct brace size for you
** Important:
Due to Breg's territorial distribution agreement, we now can ship to Ontario only at this point.
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