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Torex Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeves

Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
Torex Radial Cryo Sleeve - 1" x 4" - Finger Size
Torex Radial Cryo Sleeve, 4" - 10" - Small Wrist & Foot
Torex Radial Cryo Sleeve 10" - 15" - Medium, Elbow/Foot/Ankle
Torex Radial Cryo Sleeve 15" - 21" - Large, Leg/Knee
Torex Radial Cryo Sleeve 21" - 28" - X-Large, Thigh

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Out of stock until further notice: Torex Radial Cryo Sleeve 15" - 21" - Large, Leg/Knee 

Torex Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeves

Product Benefits:

  • Use the patented Torex Hot/Cold Therapy Roll-On Sleeves to provide compression to your limbs, hands free!
  • 360-degree coverage treats the entire circumference of the injured area, delivering hot/cold deep into soft tissues 
  • The premium medical grade materials stays ultra soft even when chilled, allowing the sleeve to mold to the body
  • Features reduce treatment time, provide faster pain relief and keep swelling to a minimum
  • Torex steps - RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method of injury treatment

Product Details:

  • Designed to stay on hard to treat joints and limbs
  • Surrounds completely for maximum effectiveness  
  • Patented, strapless roll-ons can be used cold or hot
  • Reusable and long lasting 
  • Flexible even when frozen
  • Latex-Free and Non-Toxic
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Comes in 5 Sizes (Finger, Wrist, Elbow, Foot, Knee or Thigh)

How to Use:

Cold Treatment

  • Refrigerate or freeze torex for two or more hours prior to use. Gently knead to soften prior to use. Gently place insulating compression sleeve over the limb to the desired position. Remove cold pack after 20 minutes or if it becomes uncomfortable. Wait 20 minutes prior to second cold application if required (Never place torex on bare skin)

HOT Treatment

  • Hot water heating method (recommended) - Place Torex in about 3 quarts of hot tap or heated water, heat to desired temperature. Remove, test and if it feels too hot let cool. Dry before use. Maximum recommended water temp is 170° F. (76° C)

Microwave Heating Method

  •  Lay Torex flat in center of microwave and spread gel evenly. Heat on DEFROST for about 1 minute, remove knead and test temperature. If required Torex may be heated on DEFROST additionally for intervals of 45 seconds. Knead and test temperature before use. Let cool if Torex feels too hot. Warning: Do not heat on high, overheating may occur. Do not heat finger pack in microwave.

Please note: Using the same pack back and forth for hot and cold applications on a regular basis will eventually ruin the gel.

Storage and Handling:

  • For maximum life and performance, store the Torex sleeve in the freezer after package has been opened
  • Always place the cold therapy sleeve in a heavy duty zip type freezer bag, squeeze out air and seal closed
Treatment / Prevention of following Injuries:
  • Arthritis
  • Hand / Finger Surgery
  • Individual Finger Sprain
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Sprained Wrist
How to Measure:
  • Insure Torex is sized correctly and does not fit too tightly as it can restrict circulation (two fingers should easily slide between the sleeve and the treated area)
Sizing Chart:
Size Measurements
Finger 1'' x 4''
Small (Wrist & Foot) 4'' - 10''
Medium (Elbow & Ankle) 10'' - 15''
Large (Leg & Knee) 15'' - 21''
X Large (Thigh) 21'' - 28''
Cold Therapy Explained: Reduce Swelling, Manage Pain and Promote Faster Healing (Information directly from Torex)

The Injury:
  • After an injury, ligaments, tissue and blood vessels could be damaged. The body’s healing mechanism causes cells around the injury to increase their metabolism in an effort to repair the damaged area. As a result of increased metabolism they need more oxygen, but due to damaged blood vessels and increased fluid there is a lack of incoming oxygen and waste removal. When the cells cannot get the required oxygen in and waste out they begin to die. This causes blood and fluids to begin to pool in spaces around the injury causing additional swelling pain and bruising.
Cold Application:
  • Cold therapy is applied to an injury in order to reduce the temperature of the damaged tissue area. This temperature reduction causes a chain of events to occur. The cells’ metabolic rate rapidly slows causing them to use less oxygen. They now remain alive. As the local blood vessels constrict, this aids in slowing the flow of fluids to the injury site. Swelling is reduced. The reduction of cell damage is the key to cold therapy. By keeping more cells alive in the damaged area we can decrease bruising and fluid buildup. Also, with fewer damaged cells to repair and rebuild your body can recover faster. The numbing of the nerves by cold applications serves to reduce the amount of pain you experience. Its best to use cold applications immediately after an injury.