Therapeutica Cervical Pillow


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Therapeutica Cervical Pillow

Product Benefits:

  • Are you waking up cranky and scaring small children with your semi-permanent scowl? Let’s get that frown upside down by helping you sleep A LOT better and waking up well rested.
  • The cervical pillow is specially designed to promote correct spinal alignment reducing back pain and discomfort while you sleep
  • Raised side panels accommodate the height of shoulders taking pressure off from the shoulders
  • This neck support pillow can also minimize snoring by keeping your air passages open while you sleep on your back
  • Each unique contour, wedge and cavity is engineered to deliver targeted support for various parts of your body

Product Details:

  • Made of non-allergenic foam and breathable material 
  • Custom-fit pillow case included 
  • Wedge extension is to support upper back 
  • Side cavities to cushion the jaw, helpful for TMJ sufferers 
  • Ideal for both back or side sleepers 
  • For hygienic reasons pillows are final sale non-refundable and non-returnable 

Treatment / Prevention of the follwoing injuries:

  • Neck pain relief 
  • Upper back pain relief 
  • Correct spinal alignment 
  • Reduce snoring 
  • TMJ Relief

How to Measure: 

Measurement is to use a shoulder measurement to determine size. Measure from the base of the neck to the outside tip of the humerus bone. Please see above measurement image. 

Choose the smaller size if your measurement falls between two sizes.  

Sizing Chart: 
 Size   Shoulder Length 
 Child (XS)  6 -10 yrs. old 
 Petite (Small)    4 1/4”- 5 1/4"
 Average (Medium)   5 1/4”- 6 1/4”
 Large   6 1/4”- 7 1/4"
 X-Large   > 7 1/4"