TensoGrip Tubular Elastic Support Bandage

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TensoGrip - 6.25cm x 10m
TensoGrip - 6.75cm x 10m
TensoGrip - 7.5cm x 10m
TensoGrip - 8.75cm x 10m
TensoGrip - 10cm x 10m
TensoGrip - 12cm x 10m

More Information

TensoGrip Tubular Elastic Support Bandage 

Product Benefits:

  • These tubular bandages are used for minor soft tissue and joint injuries, securing wound dressings, or as compression stockings 
  • Easy to apply by cutting the bandage to your desired length and placing it over the body part
  • Because of it's elastic property, it provides even pressure and support without limiting movement 

Product Details:

  • Available in 6 different sizes 
  • Made of a blend of Cotton and Rayon 
  • Also made with rubber and latex yarn 
  • Washable and reusable 
  • Please note: Latex may cause allergic reactions