Standard Electronic Fitted Warming Pad


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Standard Electronic Fitted Warming Pad

Product Benefits:

  • The Standard Electronic Fitted Warming Pad provides your patients the ultimate luxury of being warm and relaxed during their service
  • Features a warming setting, allowing for personalized temperaturen and elasticated snug band to ensure a perfect fit
  • Automatic high tempurature protection built in as exclusive technology shuts down heat if inadvertently used in an unsafe way

Product Details: 

  • Snug Fit Band
  • Comes with Handheld Controller
  • Size: 29"W x 72"L
  • Available Colour: White
  • CE Approved


  • Roll the warmer pad forward from top to down and strap the foure corners onto the table
  • Make sure cover the warmer pad with a sheet to prevent sweat or dirt
  • Connect the controller to the warmer pad and connect the power cord to the grid

Start and Temperature Set:

Push the big grey button upwards from "Off" to "Low, Med or Hi" to achieve your desired temperature

The heating will automatically shut off after 8 hours if the pad is not turned off manually


1. Do not fold or roll the warmer pad when it is switched on as any uneven heat spot will set off the warmer pad protection system

2. This warmer pad cannot be ironed

3. This warmer pad cannot be used in physical contact with other heating devices such as foot furnace, hot water bag, etc

4. Do not insert needles/pins, or scratch the warmer pad with sharp objects

Cleaning and Storage:

1. Clean and dry the pad

  • Do not wash your warmer pad in a washer
  • It can only be hand wiped with a wet towel and a small amount of detergent, and never put it in the dryer because it can only be dried naturally
  • Don't connect the pad to power to dry itself either
  • Nor should you dry it under the sun or iron it because both methods would speed up the aging of the insulating layer

2. Clean the power cord

  • Please clean the surface with neutral detergent when it is dirty and wipe it dry with soft cloth

3. Storage

  • The warmer pad has to be completely dry from moisture before putting away for storage
  • The dry warmer pad should be folded without any creases
  • Do not put it underneath any heavy items

Don't apply any mothproofing agent (naphthalene)  because it will damage the insulation material

Shipping Information: 

  • Additional shipping charge applies 
  • Shipping charges may vary according to province
  • Remote areas will require a shipping quote
  • Please call in if you are purchasing more than 2 units as there is a bulk shipping cost