Shuttle Balance Trainer

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Shuttle Balance
Shuttle Balance with Balance Step

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Shuttle Balance Trainer 

Product Benefits:

  • This exercise equipment is a good balance challenge to throw Med Balls against the Shuttle Rebounder
  • Provides a degree of stability and tilt sensitivity for both standing and sitting protocols
  • The professional model includes the Balance Step accessory
    • This provides debilitated patients with an easy way to enter and exit the shuttle  
    • Colored in a bright, recognizable red to provide further safety

Product Details:

  • The balance board surface area is 24" x 30" and comes with chains to adjust the platform height
  • Footprint: 50" x 42"
  • The Balance Step comes with a non-skid surface which is removeable for those who desire a further challenge 
    • Measures 28 ½” x 13”