Sanctband Tubing with Handles

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Sanctband Tubing w/ Handles - Peach
Sanctband Tubing w/ Handles - Orange (Out of stock until end of February, 2020)
Sanctband Tubing w/ Handles - Lime Green
Sanctband Tubing w/ Handles - Blueberry
Sanctband Tubing w/ Handles - Plum
Sanctband Tubing w/ Handles - Grey

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Out of stock until end of December, 2019: Sanctband Tubing w/ Handles - Orange 

Sanctband Tubing with Handles

Product Benefits: 

  • Sanctband exercise tubing is the clinician's favorite choice because of its top quality and its afforable price 
  • Sanctband resistance tubing is manufactured to stretch 6 times its length, making it stronger and last longer 
  • This comes with handles makes a great rehab tool can be used at home
  • This exercise tubing is used to rehabilitate injuries, improve athletic performance and as part of strengthening routines for the elderly

Product Details: 

  • Length: 45" of tubing, 
  • 54" including the handles
  • Convenient to use 
  • Colour-coded indicates different strength level, from Peach being Extra Light to Grey being Super Heavy