Sanctband Exercise Band Dispenser Packs

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Sanctband Dispenser Packs - Peach (Level 1)
Sanctband Dispenser Packs - Orange (Level 2)
Sanctband Dispenser Packs - Lime Green (Level 3)
Sanctband Dispenser Packs - Blueberry (Level 4)
Sanctband Dispenser Packs - Plum (Level 5)
Sanctband Dispenser Packs - 3-in-1 Dispenser (Levels 2, 3 & 4) (Out of stock until end of February, 2020)

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Sanctband Exercise Band Dispenser Packs 

Product Benefits: 

  • Sanctband exercise band is the clinician's favorite choice because of its top quality and its afforable price 
  • These resistance bands are made with advanced technology to keep the latex level to the minimum, reducing the possibility of allergic reactions
  • Extra wash method removing the power residues so the exercise band is clean and smooth and giving your patient a better experience 
  • You can use it to rehabilitate injuries, improve athletic performance and strengthen of your clients
  • Featuring various levels of strength, giving you the options to choose from
  • Contains latex but the bands have been washed 3 times to remove the protein of latex on the bands (powder)
Resistance Levels:

 sanctband resistance