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Saebo Glove


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Saebo Glove

Product Benefits:

  • This SaeboGlove is used to help restore and regain neurological and/or orthopedic capabilities 
  • Built in with a proprietary tension system, it works by extending the fingers and thumb following a grasping movement 
  • Best of all, it's light weight and low profile so you don't have to worry about the glove weighing your hand down and worrying about a bulky feature 
  • This glove is customizable, so it assists the patient in full joint motion to maximize functional performance 
Product Details:
  • Silicone Covered Finger Tips: Helps improve traction during grasping
  • Non-slip Liner: Minimizes migration during exercises & functional hand movements
  • Contains Some Lycra: Helps improve the fit
  • Patient’s Palm is Exposed: This is designed to increase breathability & to make it easier to put on & take off
  • Lightweight Property: Makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time  
  • Liner: Can be removed and hand-washed 
  • The Support Itself: Easy to clean by using alcohol wipes or an antibacterial spray (such as BioText)

Patients that benefit from using the SaeboGlove:

  • A patient that needs some ability to flex & extend their fingers. In addition, electrical stim (NMES) can accompany a therapy session to increase muscle activity in patients with minimal wrist/finger extension
  • When a patient can have slightly increased tone in their flexor muscles, but not hypertonicity
  • When a patient cannot have existing contractures already limiting functional hand movements
  • When a patient needs to be cognitively intact, to be able to cooperate with the exercises
Treatments for the following: 
  • Neurological Injury
    • Post-stroke
    • Brain injury
    • A neurological disease 
  • Orthopedic Peripheral Nerve Injury
    • Post-fracture or tendon laceration due to compressive injury like thoracic outlet syndrome

How to Measure:

  • Please use the link below to assist you in identifying the proper size for your SaeboGlove  
  • Saebo Glove Sizing Sheet