MedSpec Sacroiliac Belt with Lumbar Support


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MedSpec Sacroiliac Belt with Lumbar Support

Product Benefits:

  • Start feeling better with this SI belt so you can get back to doing the things you love
  • This MedSpec Sacroiliac (SI) belt is custom made to provide lumbar support and reduce sacroiliac pain 
  • This SI belt is designed to help stabilize the sacroilac joints for faster recovery 
  • Featuring Hi-density foam pad, may be used to provide additional pressure on the sacrum 
  • The inner elastic belt with plush lining is comfortable enough to be worn directly next to the skin 

Product Details:

  • Inner latex-free elastic belt 
  • Durable outer nylon belt 
  • SkinLoc pads keep belt in place from migrating 
  • Hi-density foam pad is removable 
  • US manufacturing for high quality control standards 
  • 3 inches wide, front and back
  • Available in five sizes 
  • Colour: black 

Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:

  • Sacroiliac pain 
  • Lower back pain relief
  • Increase sacroiliac stability
  • Lumbar support  
  • Chronic lower back pain

How to Measure:

Measurement is taken around your waist

Size Chart: 

 Size   Waist 
 Small   26" - 31"
 Medium   31" - 38"
 Large   38" - 45"
 X-Large   45" - 52" 
 XX-Large  52" - 59"