Chinese Plastic Cupping Set with Pump Set of 17


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Chinese Plastic Cupping Set with Pump Set of 17

Product Details:

  • Feel relaxed and invigorated with cupping therapy!
  • This plastic cupping set comes complete with a hand pump and 17 plastic cups
  • Cups vary in size from 0.8" (2.2cm) to 2.5" (6.35cm) allowing for customized treatment
  • Chinese cupping therapy has been used successfully for centuries and is a safe and effective way to get your energy flowing and feel great! 
  • Trusted by Canada healthcare professionals!
  • Cupping therapy should be administered by a trained practitioner
How It Works:
  • The pump creates a vacuum that is then applied against the skin
  • The vacuum sucks in the soft skin tissue and draws out negative pressure
  • You are then left feeling like you had a stimulating massage

Set Includes:

  • One pistol-style pump
  • Thirteen 1.7" (4.5cm) plastic cups
  • One 1.57" (4cm) cup
  • One 1.37" plastic cup (3.5cm) cup
  • One 1.1" (2.8cm) plastic cup
  • One 0.8" (2.2cm) plastic cup
  • A carrying case
Cleaning Instructions:
  • Wash in hot, soapy water
  • Plastic cups are not recommended for use in bleeding treatments
  • If contaminated, clean with Sodium Hydrochloride (available at drug stores as baby bottle disinfectant)