Pain Relief

Stop feeling frustrated with your muscle pain. Start feeling better from our huge selection of pain relief products including, TENS machines, cold therapy units, neck pillows and more. Whether you need some pain relief cream for your ankle sprain or a heating pad for your neck injury, let us help you getting back to doing the things you love!

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  1. Aircast Cryo/Cuff Kit
    Aircast Cryo/Cuff Kit

    Starting at $225.00

  2. Aircast Cuff Only
    Aircast Cuff Only

    Starting at $97.95

  3. Biofreeze Professional
    Biofreeze Professional

    Starting at $18.95

  4. D-Core Cervical Pillow
    D-Core Cervical Pillow

    Starting at $39.95

  5. GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace
    GenuTrain P3 Knee Brace

    Starting at $249.00

  6. MediCold Hot/Cold Pack
    MediCold Hot/Cold Pack

    Starting at $5.25

  7. Night Roll Bakrol
    Night Roll Bakrol

    Starting at $79.95

  8. OrthoGel

    Starting at $15.85

  9. Soft SureCheck Pillow
    Soft SureCheck Pillow

    Starting at $18.55

  10. Stabilizer™

    Starting at $59.95

  11. The Strassburg Sock
    The Strassburg Sock

    Starting at $63.95

  12. Therabeads Heat Pack
    Therabeads Heat Pack

    Starting at $35.95

  13. Therapeutica Neck Pillow
    Therapeutica Neck Pillow

    Starting at $89.95

  14. Thermotex Heat
    Thermotex Heat

    Starting at $134.00

  15. Torex Cold Packs
    Torex Cold Packs

    Starting at $23.95

  16. TracCollar Neck Support
    TracCollar Neck Support

    Starting at $120.00

  17. U-Control

    Starting at $42.95

Items 1-100 of 101

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