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We offer great products from brands such as Aircast, Donjoy, Sanctband, TheraBand and so much more! Feel free to browse around for other brands that we carry, and don't forget to take a look at all the exercise equipment we offer. We are sure there is something that can be a great addition to your clinic! 

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  1. Biofreeze Professional
    Biofreeze Professional

    Starting at $0.35

  2. K-Tape® Starter Kits
    K-Tape® Starter Kits

    Starting at $121.00

  3. Pro2 Total Body Exerciser
    Pro2 Total Body Exerciser Call for Price
  4. Sanctband Pilates Ball
    Sanctband Pilates Ball

    Starting at $12.95

  5. Kettlebells

    Starting at $39.95

  6. Theraband Dispenser Packs
    Theraband Dispenser Packs

    Starting at $140.00

  7. Hugger Weight
    Hugger Weight

    Starting at $17.75

  8. Custom Cubicle Curtains & Tracks
    Custom Cubicle Curtains & Tracks Call for Price
  9. Seers Traction Accessory Package
    Seers Traction Accessory Package Call for Price
  10. Shuttle TNT Leg Press
    Shuttle TNT Leg Press Call for Price
  11. Biotone Massage Cream
    Biotone Massage Cream

    Starting at $27.95

  12. Purell Disinfectant
    Purell Disinfectant

    Starting at $9.65

  13. Physio Rolls
    Physio Rolls

    Starting at $50.95

  14. Airex Exercise Mats
    Airex Exercise Mats

    Starting at $183.00

  15. Shuttle Balance Trainer
    Shuttle Balance Trainer Call for Price
  16. Thera Loops
    Thera Loops

    Starting at $27.95

Items 1-100 of 356

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