Exercise Equipment
Exercise Equipment

Buy all your exercise equipment from our huge selection of products including Resistance Bands, Exercise Balls, Foam Rollers or more. Whether your practice is in Vancouver, Toronto, or Halifax, let us help you find what you need so you can focus on your client's exercise program and get them on the road to recovery!

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  1. Pro2 Total Body Exerciser
    Pro2 Total Body Exerciser Call for Price
  2. Sanctband Pilates Ball
    Sanctband Pilates Ball

    Starting at $14.35

  3. TheraBand FlexBar
    TheraBand FlexBar

    Starting at $26.95

  4. TheraBand Tubing
    TheraBand Tubing

    Starting at $55.95

  5. Kettlebells

    Starting at $44.95

  6. Theraband Dispenser Packs
    Theraband Dispenser Packs

    Starting at $140.00

  7. Hugger Weight
    Hugger Weight

    Starting at $19.45

  8. NuStep T4R Coded Polar Transmitter Belt
    NuStep T4R Coded Polar Transmitter Belt Call for Price
  9. Physio Rolls
    Physio Rolls

    Starting at $71.95

  10. Airex Exercise Mats
    Airex Exercise Mats

    Starting at $215.00

  11. Thera Loops
    Thera Loops

    Starting at $27.95

  12. Urban Poling
    Urban Poling

    Starting at $22.95

  13. Home Shoulder Pulleys
    Home Shoulder Pulleys

    Starting at $16.05

  14. Power Web 14"
    Power Web 14"

    Starting at $39.95

  15. Power Web 7" Junior
    Power Web 7" Junior

    Starting at $28.95

  16. Digiflex

    Starting at $27.95

  17. Therapy Putty
    Therapy Putty

    Starting at $6.05

  18. Rotating Weight Rack
    Rotating Weight Rack Call for Price
  19. SportsArt Recumbent Bikes
    SportsArt Recumbent Bikes Call for Price
  20. SciFit StepOne - Recumbent Stepper
    SciFit StepOne - Recumbent Stepper Call for Price
  21. NuStep T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer
    NuStep T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer Call for Price
  22. Mirrors
    Mirrors Call for Price
  23. Physiotrainer

    Starting at $739.00

  24. SciFit ISO Recumbent Bikes
    SciFit ISO Recumbent Bikes Call for Price
  25. Mobi Standard Pulley
    Mobi Standard Pulley

    Starting at $24.95

  26. Mobile Pulley
    Mobile Pulley Call for Price
  27. TRBall: Pro and Elite
    TRBall: Pro and Elite

    Starting at $22.95

  28. Upper Body Ergometer UBE521M
    Upper Body Ergometer UBE521M Call for Price
  29. Mobi Speed Pulley
    Mobi Speed Pulley Call for Price
  30. Mobi Training Stand (Corner)
    Mobi Training Stand (Corner) Call for Price
  31. Premium Yoga Mats
    Premium Yoga Mats

    Starting at $30.95

  32. Bosu Balance Trainers
    Bosu Balance Trainers

    Starting at $234.00

  33. Nested Footstools
    Nested Footstools

    Starting at $399.00

Items 1-100 of 162

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