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Exercise Equipment
Exercise Equipment

Buy all your exercise equipment from our huge selection of products including Resistance Bands, Exercise Balls, Foam Rollers or more. Whether your practice is in Vancouver, Toronto, or Halifax, let us help you find what you need so you can focus on your client's exercise program and get them on the road to recovery!

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  1. SportsArt T635M
    SportsArt T635M Call for Price
  2. SportsArt T655M
    SportsArt T655M Call for Price
  3. True PS100R Recumbent Bike
    True PS100R Recumbent Bike Call for Price
  4. SciFit ISO Upright Bikes
    SciFit ISO Upright Bikes Call for Price
  5. Mobi Speed Pulley
    Mobi Speed Pulley Call for Price
  6. Shuttle 2000-1
    Shuttle 2000-1 Call for Price
  7. SportsArt C521M Medical Recumbent Bike
    SportsArt C521M Medical Recumbent Bike Call for Price
  8. Mobi Training Stand (Corner)
    Mobi Training Stand (Corner) Call for Price
  9. Premium Yoga Mats
    Premium Yoga Mats

    Starting at $30.95

  10. Bosu Balance Trainers
    Bosu Balance Trainers

    Starting at $209.00

  11. Hand Therapy Table
    Hand Therapy Table

    Starting at $1,159.00

  12. Hi-Lo Activity Tables
    Hi-Lo Activity Tables Call for Price
  13. Power Height & Width Parallel Bars
    Power Height & Width Parallel Bars Call for Price
  14. Ambulation & Mobility Platform 1
    Ambulation & Mobility Platform Call for Price
  15. Nested Footstools
    Nested Footstools

    Starting at $459.00

  16. 3-in-1 Training Staircase
    3-in-1 Training Staircase Call for Price
  17. One Sided Straight Staircase
    One Sided Straight Staircase Call for Price
  18. Single Sided ADA Staircase
    Single Sided ADA Staircase Call for Price
  19. Balance Activity Platform
    Balance Activity Platform Call for Price
  20. SportsArt T655MD
    SportsArt T655MD Call for Price
  21. Platform Floor Mats (Folding & Non-Folding)
    Platform Floor Mats (Folding & Non-Folding) Call for Price
  22. The Grid Foam Roller
    The Grid Foam Roller

    Starting at $44.95

  23. Spirit XBU55 Upright Bike
    Spirit XBU55 Upright Bike Call for Price
  24. CR800 Semi-Recumbent Bike (Self-Generating)
    CR800 Semi-Recumbent Bike (Self-Generating) Call for Price
  25. Monark Rehab Trainer
    Monark 881E Rehab Trainer Call for Price
  26. Sanctband Exercise Band
    Sanctband Exercise Band

    Starting at $15.75

  27. Sanctband Tubing
    Sanctband Tubing

    Starting at $56.95

  28. Sanctband Super Loop
    Sanctband Super Loop

    Starting at $19.95

  29. Dumbbells Vinyl Coated
    Dumbbells Vinyl Coated

    Starting at $3.45

  30. SportsArt Upright Bike C535U
    SportsArt Upright Bike C535U Call for Price
  31. Spirit CT800 Treadmill
    Spirit CT800 Treadmill Call for Price

Items 101-192 of 192

per page
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