Resistance Bands
Resistance Bands

Huge selection of brands including TheraBand, Rep-Band, Bodyblade, and more in Canada. MONEY BACK Guarantee. Whether your practice is in Vancouver, Toronto, or Halifax, let us help you find what you need so you can save time and focus on your client's recovery. Are we missing your favorite product on our site?

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  1. Sanctband Exercise Band
    Sanctband Exercise Band

    Starting at $14.95

  2. Sanctband Super Loop
    Sanctband Super Loop

    Starting at $18.95

  3. Sanctband Tubing
    Sanctband Tubing

    Starting at $53.95

  4. Thera Loops
    Thera Loops

    Starting at $27.95

  5. Theraband Dispenser Packs
    Theraband Dispenser Packs

    Starting at $140.00

  6. TheraBand FlexBar
    TheraBand FlexBar

    Starting at $26.95

  7. TheraBand Tubing
    TheraBand Tubing

    Starting at $29.95

38 Items

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