Wobble Disk 13.5" diameter


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Wobble Disk 13.5" diameter

Product Benefits:

  • These Wobble Disks are the preferred piece of fitness equipment for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and chiropractic centres all across Canada.
  • Fill each piece of fitness equipment with air for desired level of difficulty
  • These wobble disks have countless training and rehabilitation uses for core and balance fitness training. 
  • Wobble disks are the perfect solution for rehabilitation of injuries, chiropractic needs, injury prevention, balance training and improving core strength.

Product Details:

  • Inflatable textured disk
  • Heavy-duty, PVC construction
  • Regular Size: 13.5" W x 3" H
  • Adjust inflation for varying difficulty levels
  • Ideal for increasing stability, balance training exercises, core strength and much more!
  • Minimum Purchase Quantity: 3