Orliman Crossover Elastic Ankle Support


More Information

Orliman Crossover Elastic Ankle Support

Product Benefits: 

  • Start feeling better with this Orliman soft ankle support so you can get back to doing what you love 
  • This ankle brace is designed to give you soft, sock-type ankle support that is comfortable to wear 
  • It stabilize your ankle during activities so you can be worry free 

Product Details: 

  • Highly resistant elastic material
  • Figure-of-eight elastic band
  • Colour: Black 
  • Sold as single unit
  • Bilateral design, it fits both Right or Left 

Treatment / Prevention of the following Injuries:

  • Minor ankle injuries
  • Ankle pain relief 
  • Luxations
  • Protection during sports activities

How to Measure: 

Measurement taken at 2 cm above malleollus (bony part on either side of the ankle)


Sizing Chart: 

 Size   In cm  
 X-Small  <19
 Small 19 - 20
 Medium  20 - 23
 Large 23 - 25
 XL >25