Obus Forme Backrest Support Driver's Seat Cushion (Out of stock until end of January, 2020)


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Obus Forme Backrest Support Driver's Seat Cushion

Product Benefits:

  • Let the Obus Forme Backrest Support Driver's Seat Cushion transform your driving experience 
  • The integrated seat conforms to the natural shape of your back to enhance proper posture
  • Its ergonomic cushion has multizone massage nodes that travel up and down your back for pain relief effects 
  • You can allow the soothing seat heater to warm yourself up in cold weather
  • This massage cushion comes with a programmable hand control which lets you choose the level of heat and massage

Product Details:

  • Adjustable lumbar pad provides personalized comfort and support 
  • Breathable mesh fabric allows cooling air flow through cushion 
  • 3-Way Auto Shut-Off Safety Features 
  • Includes 12 Volt DC and 110 Volt AC adaptors to allow use in automobile, home or office
  • The integrated strapping system easily attaches to most chairs 
  • This backrest comes in colour: Black 

Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:

  • Lumbar support