Myo-Ther Genie Plus Disinfectant - 4 Litre


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Myo-Ther Genie Plus Disinfectant - 4 Litre


Product Benefits:

  • Introducing the Myo-Ther Genie Plus Disinfectant, a cleaning solution developed for use in the health care industry to maintain the highest sanitization standard!
  • This disinfectant effectively cleans dirt and grease from your table but does not contain any alcohol that can cause drying and cracking of upholstery
  • It is suitable for table tops that are made of Naughahyde, Vinyl, Plastic Laminate and Leather as it breaks down silicone build up and removes stubborn stains 
  • Now you can quickly clean and polish surfaces in between patients but still follow the industry guidelines 
  • Protects your massage table while still disinfecting as it contains a humectant to maintain the suppleness of the bed

Product Details:

  • Does not leave a sticky residue when wiped dry
  • Contains benzyl ammonium chloride for disinfection
  • Effective against a wide range of pathogenic micro-organisms
  • Special boosting agents like  NP-9 increase cleaning power and NP-15 is noted to cut through grease
  • Size: 4 Litre