Multi Radiance Medical - TerraQuant Solo Laser, Portable 15W


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Multi Radiance Medical - TerraQuant Solo Laser, Portable 15W

Product Benefits: 

  • The TQ Solo Laser is super simpe and easy to use
  • With three easy steps you are closer to helping alleviate your patient's pain!
    1. Use the included guide to pain-relief to locate the treatment location
    2. Turn on TerraQuant Solo and dial the frequency recommended in the guide
    3. Press the start button - then, run the TQ Solo over the area as indicated in the illustrations in the guide

Product Details:

  • 15W peak super pulsed laser power 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Cordless 
  • Rechargable battery with 8 hours of continuous use 
  • Compatile with optional acupuncture & muscke trigger probes for targeted treatments in small areas 

Product Specifications:

  • Super Pulsed Laser Radiation: 905NM
  • Broadband Infrared Radiation: 875NM
  • Visible Red Light Radiation: 640NM
  • Laser Infrared Radiation Peak Pulse Power: 15W
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency Laser and Broadband Infrared Radiation: 3 Preset Frequencies 
  • Emitter Aperature: 5-10CM²
  • Magnetic Induction: 35 MT 
  • Overall Dimensions (Max): 140 x 50 x 50 MM
  • Net Weight: 0.3KG (0.66lbs) 

The Portable TQ Package Includes:

  • TQ Solo Emitter
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 pairs of laser glasses 
  • Operating manual and user guide 
  • Treatment protocol manual 
  • 2-Year limited warranty 
Additional Information:
For more information on Multi Radiance Medical Trial Program and Clinical Training, please contact us at 1-800-561-0310 x1704, by email, or by clicking the image below!
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