Multi Radiance Medical - MR5 Activ Pro Laser Shower

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Multi Radiance Medical - MR5 Activ Pro Laser Shower

Product Benefits:

  • This is the latest addition to the MR5 Series by Multi Radiance Medical and is the most powerful super pulsed laser yet 
  • Even with a high peak power and mean output, using this product poses no risk of retinal damage or tissue overheating for all skin pigmentation types 
  • This is due to the unique super pulsing technology, which releases photons in ultra-fast billionth-of-a-second pulses that penetrate deep into tissues

Product Details:

The Safest Classification:

  • Multi Radiance has been known to have the safest classiciation of lasers that have been proven through controlled laboratory experiments, clinical practices, in vitro, and in vivo
  • Multi Radiance Medical is also currently involved with over 30 clinical studies worldwide
  • It is their mission to investigate, validate, and educate practitioners with the knowledge and clinical skills necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes

Super Pulsed Laser the Optimal Mechanisn for Phonton Delivery - Wavelength not power, determines depth of penetration 

  • Super Pulsing is the key to Multi Radiance technology using an infrared (905 nm) wavelength
  • Super pulsed lasers penetrate targeted tissues and provide deeper penetration than continuous wave lasers
  • With up to a combined peak power of 50,000 mW MultiRadiance Lasers emit a series (frequency) of pulses at 100 to 200 nanoseconds.
  • Despite the pulse peaking at a high power level, there are no thermal effects in the tissue thereby maintaining the highest degree of safety of any laser class
  • Multi Radiance Technology is the first to combine the entire range of the therapeutic light spectrum and deliver therapeutic energy in a synergistic manner
  • Clinically proven wavelengths are emitted during treatment for optimal tissue saturation: 660nm, 875nm and 905nm
  • The patented LaserSweep technology creates a constantly changing frequency to scan the selected target tissue from superficial to deep, preventing biological adaptation to treatment

Super Pulsed Laser (905nm)

  • Super Pulsed laser produces high powered light in billionth of a second pulses
  • The power of each pulse drives the photons deep into the target tissue
  • Multi Radiance Medical’s technology lasers generate power of up to 50 000nW creating high photon density, reducing pain and improving micro-circulation

Pulsed Broadband Infrared SLD’s (875nm)

  • The infrared non-coherent light penetrates deeper tissue than the 660nm and offers a unique biological response resulting in reduction of pain signals

Pulsed Red Light (660nm)

  • The red light penetrates a relatively shallow tissue depth and provides topical heating

Static Magnetic Field (SMF)

  • The static magnetic field keeps ionized molecules of tissue in a dissociated state, enhancing the tissue’s potential to absorb the energy

The Effects of Blue Light:

  • As bacteria continues to build resistance to traditional antibiotics, studies show that blue LED light (465nm-475nm) has a natural antimicrobial effect
  • When exposed to blue light, cytotoxic reactive species are activated to help fight bacteria
  • The blue light found in Multi Radiance Medical super pulsed lasers offers an easy, safe and effective treatment for fighting bacteria and infection

Product Specifications:

  • Laser Peak Power: 200 Watts
  • Coverage Area: 30cm2 
  • Super Pulsed Laser Ga AS Diodes: x4 at 50 Watts
  • Infrared Light Emitting Diodes: x8
  • Red Light Emitting Diodes: x8
  • Blue Light Emitting Diodes: x8
  • Target Technology: No
  • Accepts Acupuncture Probes: No

The MR5 Activ Pro Laser Shower Includes:

  • ACTIV PRO™ LaserShower Emitter (200,000mW)
  • 2 Pairs of Laser Goggles
  • Carrying Case
  • Operating Manual & User's Guide DVD
  • Limited Warranty: Industry Best 3-year 

Multi Radiance Medical Training in Canada:

Low Level Laser Therapy - Anchored in science, Multi Radiance Medical is involved in over 30 Clinical Studies Worldwide. One of MRM’s core competency is education and clinical skills transfer, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Clinical support & training
  • In-vitro, in-vivo, laboratory trials and clinical trials
  • The Comparative Pillars Paper
  • Monthly webinars

For more information on Multi Radiance Medical Trial Program and Clinical Training, please contact us at 1-800-561-0310 x1704, by email, or by clicking the image below!

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