Multi Radiance - MR4 LaserStim Package

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MR4 LaserStim Package 

Product Benefits: 

  • This MR4 Laser is the world's first and only FDA cleared device that combines neurological electrical stimulation and laser in a single probe 
  • By using TARGET (Treatment Area Recognition and Guidance Enhanced Technology) you can trust that this laser provides an interative neural stimulation by constantly measuring the electro-conductivity of the treated tissue
  • Because of the constant conductivity, this allows the clinican to determine the proper amount of laser energy needed to treat the specific area, optimizing time and resources 

Product Details:

  • MR4 console has 4 treatment modes: Preset, LaserSweep, manual and patient programs 
  • Simultaneous use of three laser emitters 
  • The LaserStim Emitter provides laser/electrical stimulation
  • Peak Power of 25,000 mW (25W) with LaserStim  
  • MR4 LaserStim has a 4 cm2 aperture (opening) 
  • 1-SPL 905nm GaAs diode 
  • 4-875nm Infrared broadband 
  • 4-640nm red LED's 
  • The Magna Cart is convenient, durable, and allows for hands free treatment 

Product Includes:

  • MR4 Console Unit - 3 Port System
  • LaserStim Emitter (25,000mW)
  • 2 pairs of laser goggles 
  • A treatment protocol manual 
  • User guide DVD and operating manual 
  • Carrying bag
  • 3 year limited warranty 
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