Medspec Thermoplastic Moldable Insert


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MedSpec Back-n-Black Lumbar Support - Thermo Pockets

Product Benefits:

  • The MedSpec Thermoplastic Moldable Insert is an optional thermoplatic lumbo-sacral insert that can be added to the posterior pocket of the Med Spec Back-n-Black with Thermo Pocket orthosis or Back-n-Shape II back supports
  • It can be heated wet or dry to mold to an individual patient for customized support  and ideal alignment

Product Details: 

  • It measures 7.5" x 13" 
  • Convenient universal size
  • Adds more rigidity to a Med Spec back brace
  • Universal size panel
  • This is not returnable once it has been altered
  • Exclusive formula low temperature plastic molds directly to the skin, allowing a perfect mold and maximum support from a light 6 oz. unit. Extremely rigid along the spine, it provides superior lumbar support without the discomfort of stays. It relieves pain without immobilization, eliminating concerns of atrophy.