M-Brace Thigh Wrap #80

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M-Brace Thigh Wrap #80

Product Benefits:

  • Choose the M-Brace Thigh Wrap #80 if you are looking for a wrap that ensures constant pressure on the quadriceps and the hamstrings to alleviate pain and to shorten the healing process
  • It features a circular compression pad that can be positioned on the injured area to reducing swelling 
  • With velcro fasteners, this thigh wrap can easily be adjusted according to your needs 
  • The inside is made of soft cotton velour that is breathable and does not cause skin irritation 

Product Details:

  • Extremely Low Profile; Light Weight
  • AIRFLEX Fabric, 100% Cotton
  • Neoprene Free, Breatheable, Hypo Allergenic 
  • Can be worn during sporting activities for extra support 
  • Wrap-around style for easy application 
  • Available Colour: Black
  • Comes in 2 Sizes

Treatment / Prevention of the Following Injuries:

  • Muscles Strains (Quad/Femoral Bicep)
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Thigh Muscle Tears / Strains 
  • Hematoma Formation
  • Quad/Hamstring Pulls
  • Compression
Sports Related Uses:
  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

How to Measure:

Measure the circumference 6'' above your patella for the correct size. (Leg must be slightly bent)

SIzing Chart: 

How to Wear: