M-Brace #16 Strenua Extra Ankle Lock Ankle Brace


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M-Brace #16 Strenua Extra Ankle Lock Ankle Brace | Ankle Support Brace

Designed with the athlete in mind!

The M-Brace Strenua is a high performance ankle sleeve that provides extra support to the ankle during activity. It is excellent for managing recovery of dislocations, injuries and sprains and to keep your ankle from rolling in or out. This breathable knee sleeve can be easily worn inside any shoe and the self-molding construction ensures a custom fit. The non-neoprene, cotton velour fabric means better hygiene and comfort. Putting it on is as easy as slipping your foot in and securing it with the convenient Velcro closures. Strenua ankle brace is a winning choice. Order today!

Product Details:

  • Self-molding sock
  • 100% hypoallergenic cotton velour fabric, breathable
  • Neoprene-free, sweat-free comfort 
  • Level II support, step above basic
  • Additional reinforced ankle straps secures ankle in neutral position
  • Snug fit, low profile to fit in any shoe
  • Reversible for inversion or eversion control
  • Suitable for inversion/eversion injuries, sprains, ankle dislocation, rehab and general stability during sports

Sizing/Additional Information:

  • Measure your ankle circumference around the heel to the front of the joint as shown for the correct size:

             Size  Heel to Ankle Circumference
         Small           8.3" - 10.3" / (21-26cm)
         Medium                10.3" - 11.9" / (26 - 30cm)
        Large     11.9" - 14.2" / (30 - 36cm)
        X-Large     14.2" - 15.8" / (36 - 40cm)
        XX-Large     15.8" - 17.8" / (40 - 46cm)