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Leukotape® P Tape

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Product Name Qty
Leukotape® P Tape - 1.5" x 15 Yards, 1 Roll
Leukotape® P Tape - 1.5" x 15 Yards, 4 Rolls
Leukotape® P Tape - 1.5" x 15 Yards, 30/Case

More Information

Leukotape® P Tape

Product Benefits:

  • Leukotape is a incredibly durable kinesiology tape containing an adhesive made of high-strength zinc oxide!
  • It is to be used along with white cover tape for various support taping techniques on patients recovering from patella femoral syndrome and shoulder injuries
  • Non-stretchy tape is strong yet tears easily so it’s quick to apply as needed (Hand tearable length and width)
  • When used properly this sports tape is like a flexible exterior splint that allows you to stay active doing the things you love
  • Brown( flesh coloured) Leukotape is used over the non-irritating white cover tape (sold separately)
  • Used for various support taping techniques