Lacrosse Balls (White or Orange)

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Lacrosse Ball (White, 1 Ball)
Lacrosse Ball (White, 12 Pack)
Lacrosse Ball (Orange, 1 Ball)
Lacrosse Ball (Orange, 12 Pack)

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Lacrosse Balls (White or Orange)

Product Benefits:

  • Start feeling better with this Lacrosse exercise ball so you can get back to doing what you love¬†
  • Lacrosse balld are designed to target specific muscle groups for myofascial release so you can get relief¬†
  • By applying focused pressure to specific muscle trigger points, you can work to release built up tension in muscle fibers
  • Consistent treatment will help muscle pain relief, prevent injury, and allow you to perform at your maximum potential!

Product Detail:

  • Available Color: White or Orange
  • Lacrosse balls are very dense and provide a lot of direct pressure
  • NCAA Approved lacrosse ball
  • Slowly apply pressure to problem areas by pressing on the lacrosse ball or placing it against a wall or the ground and pressing your body into it.
  • Perfect for targeting trigger points in muscle fibers and releasing tension
  • Weight: 1 lb