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K-Tape® My Skin (4 Rolls or Bulk)

Grouped product items
Product Name Qty
K-Tape® Beige - 2" x 16.4', 4 Rolls
K-Tape® Light Brown - 2" x 16.4', 4 Rolls
K-Tape® Medium Brown- 2" x 16.4', 4 Rolls
K-Tape® Dark Brown - 2" x 16.4', 4 Rolls
K-Tape® Very Dark Brown - 2" x 16.4', 4 Rolls
K-Tape® Beige - 2" x 72', Bulk Roll
K-Tape® Light Brown - 2" x 72', Bulk Roll
K-Tape® Medium Brown - 2" x 72', Bulk Roll
K-Tape® Dark Brown - 2" x 72', Bulk Roll
K-Tape® Very Dark Brown - 2" x 72', Bulk Roll
K-Tape® Mix Colors - 2" x 16.4", 5 Rolls

More Information

K-Tape® My Skin (4 Rolls or Bulk)

Product Benefits:

  • Introducing a new revolutionary skin color-matching tape technology, the K-Tape® My Skin!
  • K‑Tape is an innovative product, recognized worldwide for its optimum quality and performance
  • If you are looking for a long wearing and water resistant athletic tape, this is it!
  • It is made of a high quality elastic cotton that features a wave-like acrylic coating activated by body heat 
  • This breathable sports tape can withstand all of your daily and athletic activities 
  • The K-Tape contains no latex or any irritating adhesive ingredients, which makes it very skin friendly

Product Details:

  • 4 Rolls Size: 2" x 16.4' / 5cm x 5m (Each) 
  • Bulk Roll Size: 2" x 72.2' / 5cm x 22m
  • Available Colours: Beige, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Very Dark Brown

Skin Colour Scale

The Cotton

The K‑Tape My Skin is high-quality cotton fabric structured with homogeneous thread density and virtually knot-free manufacture.

The Elastic Thread

If a thread loses its elasticity, the therapeutic effect is lost. This is why we use the best quality elastane thread for K‑Tape My Skin to ensure consistent elasticity levels throughout the entire period of use.

The Dye

You need to be certain that dyes and adhesive do not harbor risks to the skin or health when applying a tape adhering to the skin. We only use high-quality dyes that are safety approved for use in baby clothing. 

The Physiobond® Adhesive

K‑Tape My Skin is equipped with professional grade Physiobond adhesive.

Long polymer chains enables the adhesive to anchor effectively onto the skin. This is followed by a complex temperature-time procedure to remove skin-irritating residual monomers.

The Cut

It is the cut of the tape that ultimately demonstrates the outstanding quality of K‑Tape.

A clean, straight cut not only looks professional, but it also guarantees better adhesion and duration of wear. If the threads are torn by an unclean cut or if a skewed position, it causes the outer threads to unravels at a faster rate and loses its adhesiveness. 

Paper Fibers

The correct orientation of paper fibers makes the backing paper more stable and K‑Tape Pre‑Cuts deform significantly less than those with conventional backing paper.


It is necessary to prestretch the cotton fabric during production to ensure crease-free manufacturing. 

K‑Tape My Skin is applied to the backing paper with 10% prestretch, automatically giving it the ideal amount of prestretch for muscle technique taping. 

Quality Control

Our manufacturing process ensures that our products always meet expectations for quality and performance. You can be certain that this also applies to the raw materials used, as the SGS stringently tests our tape. 

The K-Taping Academy:

K-Taping® is a hollistic and non-pharmaceutical therapy method successful with an extremely wide range of clinical conditions. Established in Germany for many years, the K-Taping® International Academy has become an important component in the range of modern therapies. The K-Taping® Academy Canada has elected its headquarters in Ottawa. The K-Taping Academy Canada is now offering courses in physiotherapy & rehab schools, rehabilitation clinics, amateur and professional sport centres, and hospitals.

Learn more about the K-Taping academy here!

Courses available across Canada. Check out to find a course near you!