ITO SU-540BK - 4 Channel Vacuum

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ITO SU-540BK - 4 Channel Vacuum 

Product Benefits: 

  • Along with the ITO SU-520BK - 2 Channel Vacuum these units are compatible with the ITO combination and electro stimulation modalities 
  • This unit offers a blow-out (ejector) vacuum system which is a tremendous improvement hygienically over the water reservoir system 
  • Best of all its maintenance free as dust and moisture won't adhere inside the tubes or on the connections 
Product Details:

Please note that the top unit is the EU-941 and the bottom unit is the SU-540BK

Looking to buy a new ITO or BTL Electrotherapy Unit for your clinic? Now’s the perfect time! Until Dec 31st, 2019, we are offering FREE travel charge for new customers looking to get their units calibrated in the greater Vancouver area, with the purchase of a new ITO and/or BTL unit. A $120CAD value, yours for free! Labor charges apply.

Calibration service must be booked anytime between Jul 1st, 2019 – Dec 31st, 2019.

Why is it important to have your units calibrated? The answers quite simple! Scheduling yearly calibration services ensure that your unit is functioning properly for patient safety. Also, annual electrotherapy testing is required by most of the Province's College of Physiotherapists.

For more information on this promotion we can be reached by phone at 1-877-855-8818, by email at, or for general repairs and calibration inquiries click here!