ITO ES-5200 - 2 Channel IFC Unit

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ITO ES-5200 - 2 Channel IFC Unit

Product Benefits:

  • As a pioneer in physiotherapy and rehab industry in Japan, ITO has established its brand with the highest standard

  • The exceptional design and advanced technology have made ITO a world-class brand for electrotherapy units

  • IFC device is widely used at physiotherapy clinics to help patients relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process

  • This ITO 2 channel IFC unit is easy to use so clinicians can focus on patient care

  • Large colour touch screen provides clear visualization

  • This IFC unit offers the option of displaying a body diagram to assist the therapist to be more effective and accurate

Product Details:

Electrotherapy Specifications:

Current mode:

 IF-4, IF-2, EMS, Russian, Hi-Voltage,

 TENS, MCR, Galvanic, Faradic, 
 Diadynamic, Traebert, I/T Curve, AQ

Number of channels:

 2  (for 4 channel, please see ES-5400)

IF carrier frequency:

 2, 4, 5, 8, 10 kHz


 IF 1–250 Hz , EMS 20–250 Hz, HV

 0.5–200 Hz, TENS 0.5–250 Hz, MCR

 0.3–400 Hz, Galvanic 0.95–15.8 Hz,

 Faradic 20–250 Hz, Diadynamic

 50–100 Hz Traebert 142 Hz



amplitude (peak):

 IF, EMS, TENS 100 mA / HV 600 mA /

 MCR 750 μA / Galvanic 20 mA / Faradic, Diadynamic, Traebert, I/T Curve,  AQ 70mA

Vector sweep:

 0°, 15°, 30° or 45°

Program memory:

 28 Preset programs with 3D pictures
 and 120 free programmable memory

Timer max:

 60 minutes