ITO ES-320 Digital TENS and NMES Stim Unit


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ITO ES-320 Digital TENS and NMES Stim Unit

Product Benefits:

  • This unit is a high-end dual channel device
  • The combination of the TENS and NMES in perfect for those who are looking to achieve that level of being pain free 
  • The ES-320 features a memory protection function for parameters programmed, a lock function, a timer, an auto power off function, and a low battery power warning
Product Details/Features:
  • Stores and protects programs formulated for each individual patient 
  • Comes with four separate free programs memories (1 for each mode) 
  • Large screen and easy to read LCD monitor (screen size: 46mm x 31mm)
  • Color coded and easy to use operational keys 
  • Key lock: All keys except the lock key and power source are locked 
  • Auto power off: Power turns off after being idle for 3 minutes 
  • EMS mode: Can choose between co-contraction or alternate-contraction 
  • Stimulus-habituation prevention mode: Sweep and Random (sequential) mode 
  • 4 electrodes, wires, gel pads, tape and travel bag included
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Replacement lead wires can be purchased here

Product Specifications:

ES-320 specs