Impulse D5 Digital TENS Unit


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Impulse D5 Digital TENS Unit

Product Details:

  • This TENS unit is the perfect device that you can take when you're on the go 
  • It's small and compact and perfect to use while watching tv or taking an evening stroll 
  • It has five different types of modes to choose from such as Constant, Width Modulation, Rate Modulation, and two different types of bursts 
  • A timer is displayed on the screen so you can keep track of the duration of the treatment 
  • A low battery indicator is also displayed on the screen so you are aware if it's time to change the battery
  • Replacement lead wires can be purchased separately

This TENS unit includes:

  • A Device 
  • Two (2) lead wires 
  • One pack of 4 electrodes 
  • Two (2) AA batteries 
  • A carrying case 

Product Specifications:

impulse D5 specs