Hydrochlor Whirlpool Antiseptics

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Hydrochlor Whirlpool Antiseptic (24 x 50g)
Hydrochlor Whirlpool Antiseptic (5 lb Bottle)

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Hydrochlor Whirlpool Antiseptics

Product Benefits:

  • These antiseptics are an effective method in preventing infectious organisms from being introduced into open wounds during hydrotherapy
  • HydroChlor water dissolvable packets are highly effective with hydrotherapy treatments
  • Contains 100% Chloromine-T which is proven to be an effective way to sanitize
Product Details:
  • For the use in whirlpools only 
  • Available in pre-measured water-dissolvable packets or in bottles
  • Sizes: 15g, 24g, or 5lb bottle 

How to Use: 

  • Simply fill the whirlpool to desired level
  • Drop in the required size of HydroChlor packet
  • Agitate 2-3 minutes
How much Hydrochlor do I need?

If your tank holds 3-20 gallons 

Use a 15 gram packet 

If your tank holds 21-40 gallons 

Use a 30 gram packet 

If your tank holds 41-70 gallons 

Use a 50 gram packet 

If your tank holds 71-110 gallons 

Use a 80 gram packet 

If your tank holds 111-264 gallons 

Use 200 grams 

If your tank holds 265-425 gallons 

Use 320 grams