Handmaster Plus Exerciser

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Handmaster Plus - Blue (Soft)
Handmaster Plus - Red (Medium)
Handmaster Plus - Orange (Firm)

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Handmaster Plus - Hand, Wrist, & Elbow Exerciser 

Product Benefits:

  • Get a faster recovery with this complete hand exerciser so you can get back to doing what you love 
  • The Handmaster Plus uniquely works through a full, natural, 3-dimensional range of motion to strengthen the muscle 
  • This hand exerciser is desinge to increase blood flow and nervous stimulation to enhance rehab process 
  • Handmaster Plus strengthens, conditions, and balances the tissue of the hand, wrist, fingers and forearm
  • Designed by a health care professional, the Handmaster plus strengthens both the front of the hand when squeezing the ball and the back when opening the hand.

Product Details:

  • Coloured code for easy idenfication 
  • Super portable and easy to carry 
  • Great tool to use for work injuries rehab exercise 
  • Ideal for people who need daily repetitive gripping: golf, tennis, baseball, football, playing guitar, piano, keyboards, trumpet, gardening, artists, sewing, etc
  • Available in 3 different strengths: SOFT (Blue), MEDIUM (Red) and FIRM (Orange) 

Treatment / Prevention of the following Injuries: 

  • Hand muscles strengthener
  • Wrist pain relief 
  • Finger pain relief 
  • Grip stabilizer
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Work injury prevention