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HALO Medical Devices - Digital Goniometer & Inclinometer

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HALO Digital Goniometer with Base

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HALO Medical Devices - Digital Goniometer & Inclinometer 

Product Benefits: 

  • Have you been looking for an easy to use device that measures the range of motion of a joint? Then the HALO device is the one you have been seraching for! 
  • It can accurately measure within 1 degree and has the ability to capture any joint range in less than 5 seconds 
  • The laser beams can accurately align along the full length of a limb to intersect with anatomical landmarks, facilitating repeatable measurements 
  • It can measure in 3 planes, so you can take any range in just 5 seconds 
  • This one handed instrument feature frees up your other hand so you can support your patient 
  • It's small size makes it easy to put in your pocket, so that it's with you everywhere you go 
  • A durable casing is also included to protect your goniometer so it's looking spotless!
  • A full charge of battery can last 2-3 days, so you won't have to worry about having to charge it after every use

Product Details: 

  • Weight: 85g
  • Dimensions: 87mm x 19mm 
  • Digital Display: 61mm - easy to read display 
  • Battery: Lithium ion polymer battery that can be charged via a USB port or a standard wall plug 


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