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Geen Medisox | Compression Stocking 

Growing numbers of people in professions where they may stand or walk all day (e.g. hospital staff) are using Geen Medisox compression socks on regular basis, thus reducing heaviness and tiredness towards the end of the day.

Product Detail:

  • Recommended by Doctors
  • Ideal Travel Socks
  • Helps prevent blood clotting and leg fatigue
  • Reduces ankle swelling
  • Graduated compression helps improve circulation revitalize your legs.
  • Knit-in pressure free heel and toe.
  • 60% Cotton

Additional and Sizing Information:

  • Available in five colours: White, Navy, Sand, Black and Gray
  • Choice of Plain Stocking or Wide Calf Stocking
  • Size chart as follow
  Shoe Size Shoe Size
Stocking Size                      Women                                Men                                    
         A 5-6 3-4
         B 6½-7½  5-6
         C 8-9 7-8
         D 9½-10½   8½-9½
         E  -  10-11
         F  -  11½-12½