Geen DiabeteSox: Padded


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Geen DiabeteSox: Padded | Compression Stocking 

Our Geen DiabeteSox™ is the best diabetes sock on the market!

Geen DiabeteSox is specially suited for people suffering from diabetes who must refrain from any pressure caused by hosiery. The hand linked toe seam is flat, comfortable, and virtually imperceptible, neutralizing pressure points on the toes. Manufactured using 70% cotton, pressure free Geen DiabeteSox come in padded and unpadded versions, five colours and five sizes, with a completely non-restricting top and they stay up!

Product Detail: 

  • Dress or casual wear
  • Non-constricting sock top
  • Non-irritating seam
  • Designed for people with diabetes & Comfort conscious people
  • Specially suited for diabetics who must avoid pressure caused by hosiery
  • Seams are flat and imperceptible, thus neutralizing pressure points on the toes
  • Most Durable
  • 70% Cotton 

Additional and Sizing Information:

  • Available in five colours : White, Navy, Sand, Black and Gray
  Shoe Size Shoe Size
Stocking Size Women Men
Small   6½-7½ 4-6
Medium                                           8-9½                                          7-9                                              
Large 10-11½   9½-11
X-Large    -  11½-12½