FitPAWS® Donut Holder


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FitPAWS® Donut Holder

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Product Benefits:

  • The new FitPAWS® Donut Holder is an inflatable ring that helps stabilize the FitPAWS® Donut
  • This is a good training tool if your dog is new to the FitPAWS Donut’s dynamic movement
  • You can start off with the Donut in the Holder and as your dog gains more core muscle strength and learns how to control his balance
  • You can remove the Holder and challenge him with the Donut directly on the floor
  • It can be a great tool as a hand-held jump-through ring for trick training, agility tire jump training and fun aerobic exercise with your family dog.
  • The FitPAWS Donut Holder is also an important safety tool for the animal rehab practitioner who is using the FitPAWS Donut for weight bearing therapy after surgery
Product Details:
  • Easily inflates with a standard air pump with cone-shaped attachment (not included)
  • Do not over inflate the Donut Holder
  • It should have just enough air in it to feel firm to the touch and help stabilize the Donut
  • Comes in peg-able retail packaging w/a header card & UPC for retailers