EMS 2000 Analog Unit


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EMS 2000 Analog Unit

Product Details: 

  • This neuromuscular device is a two channel device with three modes of operation such as cycled, constant, and reciprocal
  • It's used to increase range of motion and help with muscle pain and soreness 
  • This device has an adjustable on ramp 0-2s, on time 0-60s, off time 0-60s, and pulse rate of 1-80Hz
  • This unit is also powdered by a 9V battery 
  • Replacement lead wires can be purchased separately 

This EMS unit includes:

  • The device 
  • Two (2) lead wires 
  • One (1) 9V battery 
  • One (1) pack of 4 self-adhesive electodes 
  • A carrying case 

Product Specifications: 

EMS 2000 specs