E350 AS Super 4 Digital (Out of stock until further notice)


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E350 AS Super 4 Digital 

Product Benefits:

  • This electro-stimulation unit of acupuncture points combine high quality electronics with technical innovation 
  • With 4 channels on this unit, you can use up to 8 needles to ensure all problem areas of your patient are covered
  • With the ability to adjust the intensity in 0.1mA increments, you can cater to the exact comfort level for every patient 
  • It's easy-to-use and has reliable safety standards 

Product Details:

  • Lightweight 
  • Digital Display
  • Maximum Output Current: 20mA
  • Frequency Range: 1-120Hz
  • Pulse Width: 50-300us
  • Intensity adjusts in 0.1 mA steps
  • Pre-set Programs: 30, including HAN and 7 free programs 
  • 2 Year Warranty Guarantee: From the date of purchase (this does not cover accessories such as cables, needles/electrodes, and mains circuit adapter)