Donjoy X-Act ROM Knee Brace


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Donjoy X-Act ROM Lite Knee Brace

Product Benefits:

  • Start feeling better with this X-Act ROM knee brace after your surgery so you can get back to your normal life
  • This ROM knee brace is designed to provide you with a precise fit after surgery so you can have a fast recovery 
  • This knee brace is designed with durable aluminum hinges providing precise protection and range of motion 
  • All four sliders telescope independently to allow strap placement away from surgical site
  • This knee brace features cool, breathable foam that provides a comfortable fit to patients’ leg and helps minimize migration of brace 

Product Details:

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Make it fit and make it fast with swivel action buckles that quick-clip for a contoured fit
  • Range of motion with extension settings from -10° to 90° and flexion settings from -10° to 120°  
  • One universal size

Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries: 

  • Post-op recovery 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL surgeries
  • Mild ACL knee pain
  • MCL pain 
  • LCL pain / instabilities
  • Patella realignment 
  • Meniscal or articular repairs