DonJoy S.E.R.F. Strap (Stability thru External Rotation of the Femur)


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DonJoy S.E.R.F. Strap (Stability thru External Rotation of the Femur) | Knee brace

Get right to the source!

DonJoy S.E.R.F. Strap zeros in on the source of your knee pain by countering the abnormal motion of your hip. A special 3-point hip-leg anchor reduces your knee pain by rotating your hip from the outside. It is made with thin Breathe-O- Prene material that is comfortable to wear and stays in place. S.E.R.F. strap has re- application markers so you can get the positioning right every time. Donjoy brace will be the reason you can walk with ease!

Product Details:

  • 3-point hip-leg anchor externally controls hip movement
  • Breathe-O-Prene material, lightweight
  • Contoured design that stays in place
  • Re-Application markers for ease of use
  • Low-profile, wear discreetly under clothing
  • Uses: patellofemoral or anterior knee pain from excessive hip internal rotation, adduction or knee valgus

Sizing/Additional Information:

  • Use height and weight to choose one of three sizes(see chart)
  • Money back guarantee