Donjoy Iceman Classic Cold Therapy Set


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Universal Cold Pad : Out of Stock until Early February, 2019

Donjoy Iceman Classic Cold Therapy Set

Product Benefits:

  • Cool down that mountainous swelling and get rid of all your burning pain in the chillest way possible!
  • This Donjoy cold therapy unit is a motorized device which integrates patented semi-closed loop recirculation system
  • It delivers more consistent and accurate temperatures than other cold therapy units
  • This cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation
  • The DonJoy Iceman long lasting feature provides up to 7 hours of continuous cold therapy for a variety of indications as directed by a medical professional

Product Details:

  • Two-position locking lid
  • Hose stirrup for ease-of-use
  • Large cooler size for extended cold therapy
  • Inlet temperature control and monitoring capability
  • Compatibility with a complete line of cold pads
  • Choose Regular Hose 6.5" or Extended Hose 15"

Treatment / Prevention of following injuries:

  • Knee pain relief
  • Arthritis discomfort 
  • Shoulder pain relief