COREFX Advanced Toner Resistance Band


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COREFX Advanced Toner Resistance Band


Product Benefits:

  • Experience the COREFX Advanced Toner for the most versatile and dynamic workout of your life!
  • This resistnace band is engineered to withstand even the most intense training session
  • The resistance tubing covering helps to not only protect the rubber core
  • It also helps to prolong the life of the resistance tubing by preventing athletes from over-stretching the resistance tubing
  • These are perfect for sports conditioning, personal training and boot camp workouts to help increase strength and build toned, lean muscle, FAST!

Product Details:

  • Features a red polypropylene covering for extreme protection of the premium-grade resistance tubing core
  • Industrial strength plastic handles giving you the best resistance tubing for safety, durability and function
  • Available in multiple resistances: Light or Medium
  • Minimum Purchase Quantity: 4