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Fascia Buddy Silicone Cups - Set of 4


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Fascia Buddy Silicone Cups - Set of 4

Product Details:

  • The Fascia Buddy Silicone Cups - Set of 4 are easy to apply, easy to move, and easy to remove
  • Unique shape of the cups allows you to achieve a strong suction without the need for hand pumps or fire, making them easy and safe to use at home between treatments with your practitioner
  • Soft silicone material is comfortable on the skin, and is excellent for static and massage cupping techniques
  • Comes in their own plastic zippered travel/storage bag, and include an in-depth instruction booklet for using the cups at home

This set of 4 cups comes with one of each:

  1. Large silicone cup (2.5" diameter) - for shoulders, upper arms, back, hips, IT band, knees and legs

  2. Medium silicone cup (2" diameter) - for shoulders, upper arms and forearms, back, hips, knees and legs

  3. Small silicone cup (1.5" diameter) - Larger hands and feet, upper arms, forearms, elbows, back of the neck, top of the shoulder, knees, calves and shins

  4. Extra-small silicone cup (1.2" diameter) - for hands, forearms, elbows, back of the neck, feet, and small muscle group areas