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Chattanooga Wireless Professional TENS Unit

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Chattanooga Wireless Professional NMES / TENS Unit

Product Benefits: 

  • With wireless technology, this TENS unit gives you and your patient total freedom of movement.
  • The Wireless Professional is today’s most advanced electrotherapy unit on the market 
  • This Chattanooga NMES / TENS machine offers the enhanced ease-of-use and convenience while saving space and time to optimize patient treatment
  • A combination of electro stimulation with active exercise will allow you to improve therapy efficiency and results that your patients can benefit 
  • Great physiotherapy equipment to be added at your clinic, or rehab centre

Product Details:

  • Muscle intelligence technology: Offers personalized stimulation, adapted to your patient’s physiology
  • mi-SCAN, mi-TENS, mi-RANGE, mi-ACTION function available on every module.
  • 71 unique programs: Covering Pain relief, Rehabilitation, Vascular, Neurologic rehabilitation, Conditioning and Aesthetic categories.
  • Docking station: Offering module storage in the charging tablet and an extensible case to store electrodes and gels.
  • Travel facilities: For portable use, a modular system allows you to detach the charging tablet, and take it with you in a travelling case.
  • Remote control: Adapted to professional use with a silicon keypad which acts as a safeguard against water and gel penetration, and offers enhanced ergonomics.
  • Favorite programs: Direct access to your favorite programs; three clicks to start a session.
  • All the information at hand: Electrode placements, program parameters and program explanation directly available in the remote control.
  • +TENS function: The +TENS function allows you to combine a TENS program with another program.
  • A detailed Practical Guide: Guidelines, treatment recommendations and programs explanations are provided.
  • Motor point pen: This useful tool together with the dedicated program helps ensure the optimal electrode placement.
  • Autonomy: Daily use autonomy and with the charger included in the kit, a full cycle of recharging will take a maximum of 1.5 hours.
  • Two years warranty

Product includes: 

  • Wireless Professional Necklace
  • Dura-Stick+ Snap 5 x 10 cm Rect. 2/Pk (x 2)
  • Dura-Stick+ Snap 5 cm Square 4/Pk (x 2)
  • Dura-Stick+ Snap 5 x 10 cm Rect. 1 Snap 2/Pk (x 2)
  • Wireless Professional Chattanooga User Manual & Clinical Guide
  • Wireless Professional RC Protection Sleeve
  • WS USB Cable
  • Bottle of Gel v5
  • WS Adapter - Fixed EU Plug + Suction Cup
  • Wireless Professional Chattanooga Remote Control
  • Wireless Professional Wallet
  • Wireless Professional Chattanooga Docking Station
  • Wireless Professional Motor Point Pen v2
  • Wireless Professional Module (x 4)