Cardon MMT Manual Mobilization Treatment Table


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Cardon MMT Manual Mobilization Treatment Table

Product Benefits:

  • This treatment table is built to provide longevity and peace of mind to your practice so you can focus more on patient care
  • This 3-Section physical therapy treatment table is the ideal choice for all the treatments administered by manual therapists
  • Features Cardon’s patented Soft Touch Footswitch strategically positione on the base of your treatment table so you can raise and lower the table with ease
  • Each movement is provided with its own independent locking device enabling the therapist to accomplish 3D traction with ease
  • All controls of the table are easily accessible from either side of the hi low bed and can be precisely released and locked

Product Details: 

  • Composed of three sections: head section, center section and leg section
  • Both the head and center sections are moveable in one plane (vertically tilt-able along the axis of the table)
  • The leg section is 3-dimensional
  • 500 lbs. lift capacity 
  • Dimensions: 25" x 80" 
  • The control unit is built around a high efficiency ball bearing and precision steel ground bars
  • The leg section is moveable in the horizontal plane – up to 25 degrees on either side of the center line, also can be rotated around the longitudinal center axis 15 degrees to either side
  • Together with these movements, the leg section, being mounted on a linear bearing tract, can slide back and forth along the longitudinal axis
  • The linear bearing tract allows the table to carry the workload, freeing the therapist to accomplish all distractive techniques with great accuracy enabled by the adjustable auto-return on the traction function
  • Soft Touch Technology: electric hi low control 
  • Height adjustment: 22" - 36"
  • Keyhole face cut-out with filler on head section 
  • Head section adjustment: positive locking system with dual head support
  • Centre section adjustment: Positive locking system
  • Leg section adjustment: Positive locking system
  • Distraction Extension: For adjustments of the lower limb section
  • Shoulder Stabilization Support: For patient stabilization of the arm
  • Pelvic Pillar: For patient stabilization of the lower limb section
  • Knee Positioning Bolster: For hands-free traction manipulation
  • Caster System: Single lever retractable (4" casters)
  • 1.5" Upholstery Foam
  • Over 80 upholstery color options
  • Click here for Cardon Warranty
  • Shipping weight: 430 lbs 
  • Shipping dimensions: 84" x 32" x 27"

Shipping Information:

  • Additional shipping charge applies
  • Regular Truck Delivery
    • Covers the cost of the transportation and truck liftgate
    • The truck driver will unload the treatment table from the truck only
  • Premium White Glove Service
    • Two-man Inside delivery
    • Remove and dispose of packaging
    • Inside delivery we will need specific information regarding delivery down a hallway or up stairs