BTL-6000 TR-Therapy Elite

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BTL-6000 TR-Therapy Elite l Electrotherapy Machine 

Product Details:

  • Tissue selectivity with capacitive and resistive mode
  • Dynamic Impedance ControlTM (Automatically regulates the power throughout the therapy by measuring tissue impedance)
  • Continuous and pulsed therapy options
  • Intuitive operation with colour touch screen
  • 30 Preset protocols and therapeutic encyclopaedia
  • Optional trolley
  • Ergonomic applicators with audiovisual contact control
  • 320 W power
  • 8.4" colour touch screen
  • Quick protocols
  • Body part navigation
  • Patient database

Tecar Therapy - Healing Energy Transfer

  • Tecar Therapy - Healing Energy Transfer The BTL-6000 Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy transfers high frequency electromagnetic energy through the tissues of the body creating selective tissue hyperthermy and hyperemia
  • It has been scientifically proven to bring therapeutic effects such as immediate and intense pain relief, muscle relaxation, edema reduction and supporting tissue regeneration and healing
  • The most common indications include: local muscle spasm, trigger points, myalgia, tendinitis, cervical pain, and posttraumatic edema
  • The immediate therapeutic effect is noticed by the patient instantly and lasts long after the therapy. Combination of the therapist’s manual skills and the BTL-6000 TR-Therapy makes this therapeutic concept the most modern therapy for on-the-spot results
  • Can also be used in combination with passive stretching techniques and active muscle contraction
Muscle Relaxation
  • The precise and aimed effect of the Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy on the hypertonic muscle fibers causes their immediate relaxation
  • The effect of myorelaxation is primarily based on vasodilation, which occurs immediately during the therapy and is responsible for higher supply of nutrients into the tissue
Tissue Regeneration and Healing
  • The improvement of tissue metabolism is a natural and valuable secondary outcome of the therapy
  • It leads to faster healing of the traumatized soft tissue and faster resorption of post-injury haematomas
Edema Reduction
  • The walls of the arterioles are enlarged and the precapillary sphincters relaxed, allowing increased local blood perfusion
  • This leads to an increase of the lymphatic processes (drainage) and subsequently to reduction of the edema
Pain Relief
  • The principal effect of the Targeted Radiofrequency Therapy – the pain relief – results from muscle relaxation, edema reduction, tissue regeneration and healing
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